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It’s time!!! I’m VERY VERY HYPED UP about this give away! I will be flying ONE of my Elite Members into my city πŸ™οΈ and teaching you in person for a day βœ¨ 

To enter:

First and foremost, YOU MUST BE AN ACTIVE MEMBER (meaning you are enrolled into membership) 

Next, make a post on your nail page (facebook or instagram). In this post you must: 

  • Include a picture of your most recent nail set (before and after would be even better) 
  • Describe how the Elite Nail Tutorials have helped your nails and business
  • Tag me @ MarieNailz 

Once you do the post, comment β€˜Done βœ…’ IN THE DISCUSSION AREA BELOW. YOU MUST COMMENT DONE! 🚨THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP BECAUSE I WILL BE ENTERING NAMES IN THE RAFFLE THE DAY OF THE GIVEAWAY. If you posted but didn’t comment done I won’t see your name to enter.

🌺Giveaway announcement will be on MAY 30th, 2023 🌺 on LIVE on my Instagram!

If someone’s name is drawn but did not fulfill the requirements above you will be disqualified and I will draw another name.

This giveaway will be for residents of United States of America. If someone outside of the states wins we can do a virtual class πŸ’– 

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