Color/Glitter Blocking with a Blade

Happy Friday!!!! Today’s tutorial is how I achieved the glitter/color blocking with acrylic. I use a blade you can get from your local crafts store life Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnns, etc. 

Three key πŸ”‘ things to remember when acrylic blocking:

  1. The end of each bead should be thicker (this is going to help with the sharp cuts and keeping each color separated
  2. Wait until the acrylic is Matte/Dry to make your cut 
  3. Utilize and Emery Board or regular Nail File to sharpen the cut once it is dry before you place the next color

Products Used: 

  • Clear Nail Tips
  • Cuddle Me #12 by Secret Nail Affair 
  • Corazon by Secret Nail Affair 
  • Speed Clear by Young Nails 
  • Marie Nailz 100/100 Nail Files

Tools Used: 

  • Kiara Sky Acrylic Nail Brush 
  • Kiara Sky Medium Cardbide Nail Bit (my 5-in-1 was dirty ): but a barrel bit works just as great(:! 
  • FISKARS art blade (WARNING!! ⚠️ This blade is sharp, so make sure to practice on your self or a mannequin before a clients) Keep a light hand when pressing to make the color block. 

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